Ulta Beauty
Ulta offers customers a large range of cosmetic products from makeup to fragrance, and even hair care. With so many offerings, we wanted to give a more personalized experience utilizing customers unique beauty preferences. Ulta's current experience captures a good amount of information, but is difficult to get through. It's also not clear what happens once you complete the process.

Opportunity: Create a more engaging experience and to leverage the data collected to benefit the customer.

Role: UX/UI Design
Ulta existing page design
My starting point Ulta's existing beauty preferences page under my account
ulta competitive research
My research began by examining competitors like Sephora, Ipsy, Walgreens and many others within the beauty market
ulta beauty preferences flow
Based off my research I recommended increasing the flow and making it into a quiz to offer a better decision making experience
ulta beauty preferences quiz start
To entice users to start the quiz I used gamification by showing locked mystery products that would only be revealed once their preferences are defined
ulta beauty preferences quiz desktop
Next I worked on designing a more guided experience to help put the customer at ease while completing each section
ulta quiz questions step by step
Simultaneously we increased the amount of questions to better understand the customers needs and help refine their recommendations
ulta beauty preferences quiz mobile wireframe
To find out if we were asking the right questions and we put the prototypes through user testing. View the prototype
ukta beauty preferences final design recommended products
Upon completion of the quiz the user would be presented with products unique to them based on their responses
ulta wireframe ad placements
In user testing, concern was expressed about finding the experience so I recommended testing three placements on the homepage to increase traffic to it
ulta beauty preferences ad placement picked for you
To offset the amount of product on page and maximize impact I designed the placements using models only
Ulta winner ad placement 2 beauty preferences start
From user testing we learned placement 1 was getting lost from the busyness of that area and placement 2 received the most click throughs
Ulta final recommendations homepage update
Finally, once a user is signed in with their preferences completed the first carousel would show their unique recommendations